AGM 2021

Annual General Meeting. Saturday 18th January 2020 

  • Apologies 

Laura Verrill, Darren Wright, Pauline Newton. Tony Warner 

  • Committee Attendees 

Sophie Murray, Mike Allsopp, Tony Mathewson, Louise Handley, David Handley, Deborah Scotcher,  Mandy Lewis.   

  • Club Member Attendees 

Jayne Bethany, Kate Bourne, Kelly Cank, Stephen Cooper, Gary Crideford, Louise Drinkland, Amanda Greene,  Claire Harrison, Paul Harrison, David Lewis, Rachel Mazan, Debbie O’Kelly, Craig Ottolini, Jan Ousby, Mark Pepper, Felicity Pepper, Carol Reid, Jason Rollinson, Lorraine Rolinson,  Thomas Scotcher, Jane Shepherd, Fiona Smith, Brian Standbridge, Sarah Stevens, Stephanie Stevens, Sasha Talbot, Emma Tracey, Lorraine Vine, Adele Scott,   

  • Chairs review of the year 

Welcome everyone. I know this is a bit different to how we have done things before at AGMs,  I think its important to mix things up and not always do things the same way as we have done them before, if it doesn’t work then we can always change it and go back and do it a different way. At the start of 2019 the current roles were assigned to  Chairman Sophie Murray                              Secretary Darren Wright               Treasurer Mike Allsop  Members secretary Louise Handley          Captain Tony Matthewson           Vice-Captain David Handley  PR Deborah Scothcher                                   Kit manager Pauline Newton        Website coordinator Tony Warner            Social secretary Laura Verrill  Race organiser Tony Matthewson and Mandy Lewis          Development progression coach Dave Handley   Cross country co-ordinator Tony Matthewson And General members (those that turn up as you all have the right to and give their opinion, but don’t have a specific role.) David Lewis, Gary Crideford and Julie Armstrong. In the last year we have … Club memberships have stayed about the same we gain some and lose people every year as people’s needs change. It would be lovely though to be able to get that extra membership so that we could get that extra place in the V LM.  The beginning of the year saw a change in the kit and we now have our new look tops, we got there in the end.  The official club nights are Monday and Wednesdays. Monday nights have always been the most popular.  However, David Handley and in his absence, Gary Crideford have continued to make the Wednesday night sessions a success, with varied training, we always receive positive feedback from the runners that attend.  Moving forward it is the recommendation from the club’s chairman that we should investigate having our own running coach. This needs to be discussed as to how we want this to work for all members of the club.  The move to Morrisons was not an easy one to take but the ever-increasing costs at the Grove school meant an increase of fees or a move. so far, the move to Morrisons has been met with success.  Safety during our runs has and always will be a priority. LIRF leaders are there to remind us all of “running on the right but not at night.” Please don’t forget to muster as well as remembering NO Hi-Viz and torch equals no run. We always have spare high viz and torches in the back of our cars. Please see myself, Louise and Lorraine, we’ve always got spares.  Group leaders are reminded to remember to ensure that they or a member of their group has a mobile phone on them, check that your group has sufficiently warmed up, you know how many are going out and importantly come back. Also you are aware of any medical needs.  2019 saw 2 successful beginner groups organised by Darren.  We thank you Darren for giving up your time to make sure that they worked successfully. Darren I really don’t know what the club is going to do without you.  Facebook continues to be a great way for the club to communicate with each other. Including additional runs, This should be encouraged more. But we need to make sure we are also communicating with those who don’t like to use Facebook.  LIRF the club played paid for 2 members to complete the LIRF course this year at Tony Warner and Paul Harrison. London Marathon this year included runners Lorraine Gilham, Mark Pepper, Sasha Talbot and Paul Lewis, Oh and ultra-marathon runner Susan Walker, who represented the club. this year several members of the club formed a cheerleading squad and I’m hoping that we can repeat this for the magnificent 7.  Member  Foz Lee Foster will be representing MDRC in this year’s VLM.  Races worthy of a mention that were attended by MRDC members included  Shugborough : a very wet event this year but a great sense of fun was had by all those that attended. Alderford relay what a lovely, lovely evening, which continue to be well attended by the running club.  the sense of camaraderie and support was very special. Can I take a moment to say that this year’s Thunder run was amazing. A personal achievement of my own was overtaking Gary. Who cares that he had already completed 4 laps and was now on a double lap. for those that want to get a sense of what it is all about. There is a separate 10k only event and you could stay and cheer on those running in the main event. Please note you do not need to be a member of the club to attend or join the teams. Market Drayton 10K. the club continued its support of the best 10K in the country. as well as representing our club in the actual race those that are not racing offered their support with the children’s race and with marshalling. Lorraine and I would love extra help with these again this year.  Please see Facebook for further updates. The tango’s on tour summer series where we visited local villages and trails was very popular and refreshing and even though we don’t need to do it again next year it might still be nice to mix it up and do some other villages . At many of these events we take the club gazebo but Unfortunately this year it was damaged. We have gained grant from the local council and thank you Julie for looking into this for us. We will be putting this towards the purchase of a new one this year. Can I take a moment to mention Helen Mason. Helen was a member of the club for several years and amazing runner (swimmer and cyclist) but an even better supporter of people. After completing any cross-country event she would jog back to give others encouragement. This sentiment was repeated at her funeral.  Rest in peace Helen, taken far too soon. Grand Prix series. This series incorporates local runs of varying distances throughout the whole year. Lots of members are not necessarily aware of this and we would like someone to take over the promotion of these events. It is a great way to do races together. The 10th anniversary party was hugely successful. thank you to Laura for all the help organising it. Our Christmas lights run saw so many people take part. And this year we even got to meet Santa!  this year we raised £42 which we will be donating to charity. watch this space for who we decide to give this too. 

I’d like to just mention some people who deserve some recognition. Tom scotcher, Steve Richardson, Mike Allsop, Val Cross, Caroline Moss and Adele Scott. the list could go on and on but at different times this year you have all achieved great personal achievements in your running and I wanted to say a special well done to you all. We’ve certainly run a lot of miles together as a club, maybe not as many as Andy coward completed in just one-year. Andy you crazy crazy determined man 2019 miles in one year is certainly an achievement. Thank you for all your support in making MDRC A great club and I’m proud to run with you all.   

  • Treasurers Financial review of the year. 

The clubs finances remain in rude health with £4,992 cash at the year end along with stock of kit valued at £678. This is as a result of a surplus for the year of £945 adding to the £4,725 cash at the start of the year. Membership income from the 143 members was £3,980. We received a donation of £100 from the town council towards the repairs to the gazebo and £46 from the Xmas lights run. This will be go to any of our club’s charity fundraisers in the London Marathon. England Athletics fees totaled £1,965 (club affiliation plus £15 per member). There was a surplus with regard to kit as the initial large order gave a bulk discount. There will be small losses from later small orders but overall the club will break even. The cost of trophies will fall into 2020 this time, the small cost incurred was for the relay medals. The cross country (£189) was not well attended so we are unlikely to enter in 2020 The relays £125 was for Alderford & Stafford. We had one LIRF coach trained this year, Tony Warner. The 10th birthday party at The Red Lion cost £290 and there was discussion about further similar social events in future. The donations made were to the charities of the 2019 VMLM entrants. 

There was a final payment to the Grove for the use of the car park of £300. The Payzip fees are 3% of the membership fees processed. The sole equipment purchase this year was a trolley to carry the gazebo. It was agreed that the full membership fees would remain at £33 for the 3rd consecutive year.  The full income and expenditure account was distributed at the AGM.  A copy is available upon request. 

  • Appointment of Roles. 

Chairperson.  Sophie Murray (Remains) 

Treasurer.  Mike Allsopp (Remains) Mandy Lewis, as and when Mike moves on to pastures new. Members Secretary. Louise Handley (Remains) Secretary. Julie Armstrong (New appointment) Nominated by Sophie, 2nded by Louise Publicity Secretary. Deborah Scotcher  Facebook & Social Media  Secretary. Emma Tracey (New role) Club Kit Secretary. Pauline Newton (Remains) Social Secretary. Laura Verrill (Remains) Grand Prix Co-ordinator. Sarah Ellen Stevens (New Appointment) Nominated by Sophie, 2nded by Mandy. Captain. Jason Rollinson (New Appointment) Nominated by Tony, 2nded by Dave. Vice Captain. Dave Handley (Remains)  


  • Cross Country. 

Due to lack of uptake and commitment over the last year or two it has been decided that the club will not be entering the cross country event this year.  

  • A.O.B 

Volunteers are requested for the running of this years beginners group of which there will just be the one. Potentially to start early March to finish ahead of Market Draytons 10k in May.   

 The committee would like to encourage members to become LRF trained in order to maintain a strong base of qualified leaders. Sophie Ellen Stevens and Stephanie Stevens have expressed an interest and are investigating course dates for attendance.  Chair, Sophie Murray raised the potential that the club would gain from the training of a dedicated Coach. It is proposed the Coach would work with runners, on a rota basis, across all of the groups.  It was generally agreed on the proviso that if the club are to pay for the relevant training the Coach would undertake to commit to the role for a set period of time.  There have been a number of individuals who have expressed an interested and the club is going to investigate the cost involved.   “Tangos On Tour” proved very successful over the summer holidays of 2019, with runs starting at various locations within the area and it is proposed we do this again this year.  The Club is in reasonable financial heath so Treasurer Mike Allsopp has proposed we ask for suggestions as to what the club would like to see the funds best spent on. It was generally agreed that a day out similar to that of the Annual Pier to Pier trip would be popular. Members are invited to put forward any further suggestions to a committee member for consideration.  Lorraine Rollinson has asked for volunteers please for the Market Drayton 10K on Sunday the 10th of May. Marshalls are needed as are fun run organisers.   A reminder has also been voiced that runners must be sure to be wearing High Visibility clothing or vest as well as torches on all club runs during winter months.   Mark Pepper asked if a small budget could be allowed for marketing and promotion of the club to encourage more members. For example the distribution of leaflets in the MD 10K run bags.  This was agreed.  Emma Tracey has offered her assistance with her knowledge or social media promoting, which has been gratefully accepted. An additional budget for advertising on these platforms was also agreed for discussion.  Membership secretary Louise Handley has reminded all members that the membership renewal is due on the 1st of April. If members need to update their details they are asked to do so themselves via the on line portal direct.   GDPR has proved a headache to get signatures from everyone on an annual basis for permission to keep the required and relevant individual records. So there  is to be a clause on the website and on Facebook that once you sign you have agreed to the club keeping you contact details until you leave. 


  • Next Committee Meeting. Wednesday 29th January. At the Red Lion Pub, after the club run.  The committee extends a warm welcome to any member who would like to come along and find out more about the roles and give your valued opinions and suggestions. Remember, this is your club. 

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