Betton Loop


Start from Morrisons. Head towards the gingerbread man pub but turn left as you cross the little bridge, running towards the football club.

At the end run across a field and come out by the new houses along the by pass. Over the road a little off road path and turn left across the farmers field to come further along the bypass.

Turn right down the lane away from town until you reach the triangle fork in the road, keep left. At the end turn left again and continue along the lane until you reach the junction and continue left.

You will follow with the stables on your right until you come under bridge towards the main Shrewsbury road.

Turn left towards town and turn left along Farcroft avenue, run this until the end of the road.

Turn right towards the small islands and turn left continuing along prospect road, your end is at the bottom which is Morrisons

Betton Loop Reverse