Liverpool rock and roll half 24-1-21

Over the weekend, 15 of Market Drayton Running Club’s athletes took part in Liverpool’s final Rock ‘n’ Roll running festival, completing the electric half marathon route.

A brilliant event for ‘bling’ lovers, with four members coming home with an impressive five medals.

Tom Scotcher (01:54:35), Angela Newton (01:58:11), Dave Scotcher (02:03:02), Deb Scotcher (02:06:53), Laura Richmond (02:12:47), Sian Brannan (02:13:15), Lorraine Vine (02:20:45), Marianne Rutherford (02:20:45), Mandy Greene (02:20:45), Sarah Moss (02:33:54), Carol Reid (02:34:42), Jane Shepherd (02:48:32), Kate Bourne (02:48:39), Pam Sherwin (02:54:14) and Sophie Murray (02:58:32) all ran the 13.1 mile route which took them through Liverpool’s city centre past sights including Penny Lane, before the final sprint along the promenade and crossing the finish line at Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre.

As well as completing the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon Pam Sherwin, Sophie Murray, Mandy Greene and Lorraine Vine also completed the festival’s 5k on the Saturday and after finishing their half marathon on Sunday, Lorraine,Sophie and Pam ran a one mile fun run as part of the festival. Completing a very impressive 17.2 miles over the weekend.


Pier to Pier 10k Llandudno

15 January 2022 – Llandudno Pier to pier 10k (entries not yet open) WHO IS COMING TO RE CREATE THIS PHOTO?

Cost of coach £5 per person – balance being subsidised by MDRC Choice of food as below (no need to decide now) – payment of bus and food to be received by 31 December 2021. Further arrangements to follow. Please can I have an idea of how many coach seats you would like to book so that I can arrange the right transport arrangements.

Sandwiches are served on white or brown crusty bloomer bread with garnish, coleslaw & tortilla chipsCheese & pickle £6.95

Mashed chick pea VEGAN £6.95Cheese,

ham and tomato

£7.95Tuna mayonnaise

£7.95JacketsAll jackets are served with garnish,

coleslawCheese & beans

£7.45Tuna, mayonnaise


chick pea VEGAN

£7.45PaninisServed with garnish, coleslaw, tortilla chips

Tuna melt £7.95Cheese and onion

£6.95Ham, cheese and tomato

£7.95MainsScampi, fries, tartar sauce, garden peas, lemon wedge

£10.45Vegetarian quiche, coleslaw, mixed garden salad (V)

£9.95 Double southern fried chicken burger, relish, slaw, fries

£12.95Rhos Fynach beef burger, slaw, relish and fries

£10.95Fish n Chips, mushy peas, lemon, chunky chips

£12.95Vegan burger, salad, fries VEGAN £12.95


Chunky chips £2.95

French fries £2.25

Garlic ciabatta £3.95

Garlic ciabatta and cheese £4.95

Cheese on burger £1.00

Bacon burger £1.00