Pier to Pier 10k Llandudno

15 January 2022 – Llandudno Pier to pier 10k (entries not yet open) WHO IS COMING TO RE CREATE THIS PHOTO?

Cost of coach £5 per person – balance being subsidised by MDRC Choice of food as below (no need to decide now) – payment of bus and food to be received by 31 December 2021. Further arrangements to follow. Please can I have an idea of how many coach seats you would like to book so that I can arrange the right transport arrangements.

Sandwiches are served on white or brown crusty bloomer bread with garnish, coleslaw & tortilla chipsCheese & pickle £6.95

Mashed chick pea VEGAN £6.95Cheese,

ham and tomato

£7.95Tuna mayonnaise

£7.95JacketsAll jackets are served with garnish,

coleslawCheese & beans

£7.45Tuna, mayonnaise


chick pea VEGAN

£7.45PaninisServed with garnish, coleslaw, tortilla chips

Tuna melt £7.95Cheese and onion

£6.95Ham, cheese and tomato

£7.95MainsScampi, fries, tartar sauce, garden peas, lemon wedge

£10.45Vegetarian quiche, coleslaw, mixed garden salad (V)

£9.95 Double southern fried chicken burger, relish, slaw, fries

£12.95Rhos Fynach beef burger, slaw, relish and fries

£10.95Fish n Chips, mushy peas, lemon, chunky chips

£12.95Vegan burger, salad, fries VEGAN £12.95


Chunky chips £2.95

French fries £2.25

Garlic ciabatta £3.95

Garlic ciabatta and cheese £4.95

Cheese on burger £1.00

Bacon burger £1.00

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