Road Closures

On this page we share the details of the road closures that take place on race day

Dear Resident,

On Sunday 12th May 2024, Market Drayton’s annual 10k road race will take place – the starting gun at Grove School goes off at 1100hrs sharp and then, up to 2000 runners will pass along the route shown below.

The road must be cleared before the start and so Shropshire Highways granted legal permission for it to be closed to traffic at any time between 1030 and 1230, but let me assure you not all roads are closed for the entirety – marshals will lift barriers on a rolling basis and open roads immediately after the tail runner passes by. The safety of all road users; runners, spectators and drivers is important to us – we ask for your support, and a little patience on race day.

We promise road closures will only be maintained for the shortest period of time possible and kindly request that you pre-plan an alternative route should you need to pass through Market Drayton during the times stated. If you regularly park on the route itself, we’d be very, very grateful if you would consider parking elsewhere between 1030 – 1230 on race day (this will enable the runners to pass by unhindered and roads to be opened even more quickly).

Emergency vehicles are always permitted clear passage through the race when displaying blue lights – our marshals and runners are aware of procedures.

Rolling road closure estimated maximum times and areas as follows;

Zone A

Berrisford Road, Great Hales street, Stafford Street, High Street, Church Street, Newcastle Road (from Talbot Bridge to ASDA), Grove Gardens, Betton Road and Newport Road from the Four Alls. 

These areas are the main start and finish area of the race so road closures / delays will be experienced for the total duration of the race – 11am till 12:30pm.  Diversion and alternative route signs will be in place.

Zone B

Longlands Lane, Rowan Road, Balmoral Drive, Windsor Drive, Maer Lane (Canal bridge to Smithfield Road), Fairfields, Smithfield Road, Smithfield Close, The Burgage, Ring Road (from ASDA through to the bus station), Queen street and Cheshire Street (from The Hideout to Butter Cross). 

These areas will have road closures and delays between 11am and 11:30am.  After this time the roads will be open.

Zone C

Cheshire street (Butter Cross up to Tudor House), Shrewsbury Road from town centre through to Lord Hill, and the following junctions joining Shrewsbury Road – Victoria Road, Clive Road and Salisbury hill road.  

These areas will have road closures and delays between 11am and 11:45am.  After this time the roads will be open.

Zone D

Alexandra Road crossroads and the following junctions joining Alexandra road (Simons Road, Oak Field Road, Westlands Road and Prospect Road) plus Farcroft Drive, Elm Drive, Alder Road and Bridge Road. 

These areas will have road closures and delays between 11:00am and 12 Noon.  After this time the roads will be open.

Zone E & F

Shrewsbury Road junctions with Farcroft Drive & Sherwood Crescent, Bentleys Road, Buntingsdale Road, Wordsworth Drive, Little Drayton, Christchurch Lane, Salisbury Hill View, Dalelands Estate, Red Bank and Walkmill Road. 

These areas will have road closures and delays between 11:15am and 12:15pm.  After this time the roads will be open. 

Alternative routes in and out of Market Drayton are from the Gingerbread pub roundabout on the Adderley road (A529) to the Morrison’s roundabout.  This road will remain open throughout the race and not be closed.  Cheshire street / ring road to Argos and Wilkinson will also be unaffected and open throughout the duration of the race as will Prospect Road from Woodcroft down to the Morrison’s roundabout.

MD10k is an event that supports and donates to local good causes and charities, we involve local businesses and thank everyone who is involved in it.

Tim Beckett (Race Director) 

Telephone 07808144348