Club Runs

You will always have someone to run with, to help and to encourage you.  Some of our members have LIRF coaching qualifications, so can support and advise as required.

Please feel free to just turn up; if you are an established runner or brand new, we will have something for you. Alternatively contact us where we can offer direct contact from our Facebook group

We also run regular programmes for complete beginners using the couch to 5k training platform. For further details check the beginner section of our website.

We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at Morrisons Market Drayton car park near the car wash at 6.30pm, please arrive 5 minutes earlier than this as we look to leave for 6:30pm.

All groups always muster back so no one gets left behind.

Please sign-in before each run.

The runs still take place on Bank Holidays and are only ever cancelled if the weather is deemed too dangerous to run, i.e. icy pavements, fog. 

If our runs are cancelled it will be posted on our Facebook page.