Wednesday Runs

On our Wednesday sessions we offer an alternative to the standard run the club offers on Mondays. We follow an eight week rolling programme that offers the chance to improve all aspects of running such as speed and hill work.

These sessions are suitable for all abilities in a pressure free environment lasting roughly 1 hour.

Below is the current 8 week plan members of MDRC will be following each Wednesday, feel free to join in any week. The sessions are tailored for all abilities to compete, remember its only as hard as you push yourself.

Week 1: Town Park speed work Individual/Team work running at mixed distances and paces.

Week 2: Segment run Regular four mile run, with three segments thrown in at mixed distances to add speed into a standard run.

Week 3: T Shaped Speed work Short distance speed work (200m) working on power and CV in groups and pairs.

Week 4: Hill work Red Bank/Kiln bank, ignoring pace but adding constant inclines to condition the legs.

Week 5: 1.5 mile best effort A chilled 1.5 mile run as a group followed by a 1.5 mile same route best effort as a individual. Once all completed the same 1.5m route as a recovery, 4.5miles.

Week 6: Mixed Hill/Speed work Combining both speed/hill work, working in pairs and teams.

Week 7: Muster Run Combining all five Monday groups into one, running approx four miles minimum with front runners mustering to the rear.

Week 8: Bleep Test One mile warm up, followed by a 20m bleep test. Scores can be recorded for future use to see improvements. Two mile run afterwards as a chilled recovery.

Definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Make the change.